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IT Staffing

We have the staffing services in different areas as listed. Outsourcing, Technical support as a service,
Sub-contracts, Training as per your project needs and more.
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Sub Contracts

We are very flexible and you will find that our services fits seamlessly into yours, we can either work under our name or we can work under your name and the client would not know that you have subcontracted someone else to help with the security.

We are happy to step in at short notice to fulfill your clients needs whether you need a single security guard for one evening or over 20 security guards around the clock for a number of months, we will be able to assist you.

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Outsourcing your enterprise cyber security and IT Companies is a great way to save money and time, as well as overcome the very serious and growing cybersecurity skills gap.

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On Job Assisted Training (Only for Corporates)

We will help the corporate firms to up skill Engineers in meeting the required skills. On job assisted training is provided based on the requirements.

Projects related to Software Testing, Cyber Security Services, BPO, Tech Support , Hardware , Embedded Systems , IoT etc.

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Corporate Training

Get all our Trainings and EC-Council Certifications as per your company needs.

We align the course content as per the IT Business needs. Special discounts are available for corporate Training.

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