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Certified Ethical Hacker and Cybersecurity Expert

Welcome to HackerBook Technologies, led by renowned Cybersecurity Architect, Trainer, and Consultant, Hari Subbara. Dive into our extensive portfolio, showcasing over 15 years of expertise in safeguarding digital realms.


About HackerBook Technologies

At HackerBook, Hari Subbara, our CEO, orchestrates Cyber Security Services, Consulting, Trainings, and EC-Council Certifications. His 15+ years of profound experience in Security Testing spans Web, Network, Thick Client, and Mobile domains. Our commitment extends to Application Threat Modeling using STRIDE/DREAD/CVSS/Attack Tree, ensuring a holistic approach.

A Holistic Security Approach

Our offerings include Enterprise Network Security, encompassing Internal and External IP Scanning, as well as meticulous Endpoint Security and Management. HackerBook excels in Mobile Security and is a beacon of expertise in Security Management. Hari Subbara ensures strict adherence to Secure Policies, Standards, and Procedures, emphasising change management, incident response, and risk management processes.


Compliance Excellence

HackerBook stands tall in Compliance, aligning with ISO-27001, GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, OWASP Top 10, and SANS Top 25. We pride ourselves on meeting the highest industry standards, ensuring the utmost security for our clients.

Toolbox for Excellence

Explore our arsenal of cutting-edge tools for Web and Network Vulnerability Scanning, Static Code Analysis, EndPoint Security, Penetration Testing, and more. HackerBook’s proficiency with tools like Metasploit, Nmap, Wireshark, and Kali Linux speaks volumes about our commitment to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity.

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Software Automation and Performance Testing

In addition to cybersecurity, Hari Subbara brings over 5 years of expertise in Software Automation, Performance Testing, Build Deployments, Test Setup, DevOps, and Virtualization. Our toolbox includes Selenium, SQL, SOAP UI, Postman, and more, ensuring robust software development processes.

A Journey of Professional Growth as Certified Ethical Hacker

Embark on Hari Subbara’s professional journey, witnessing his impactful roles at SLK, McAfee, and beyond. His tenure as a Security Testing Manager & Architect and Technical Lead at industry giants underscores his leadership and technical prowess.

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Proven Track Record as Certified Ethical Hacker

Explore our CEO’s experience, from being a Technical/Security Lead to Senior Software QA Engineer, showcasing a journey steeped in excellence since 2006.

Experience Excellence with HackerBook Technologies

Partner with us for a comprehensive cybersecurity experience. HackerBook Technologies – where expertise meets innovation, securing your digital future.